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Royal Hallmark proudly sits in Central Area, Singapore. This location is one of the top choices for families who focus on their children's studies. Education in Singapore plays a crucially important role in preparing future generations. The parents always effort is more praised than inherited smartness. Surrounded by many top schools in Singapore, the condo is recommended as a potential property to invest in for a long time. They choose a property not only in the strategical position, able to profit but also amenities of schools nearby is the first reason thought. Schools nearby house help your children waste maximum time traveling and return home. That time can spend on breakfast or preparing exercise before going to class. Famous schools surrounding Haig Girls’ School, Tanjong Katong Primary, and CHIJ (Katong) Primary are a very short distance from Royal Hallmark Residence. Some international schools are also in the vicinity. 

Haig Girl School near Royal Hallmark

Haig Girl School

Royal Hallmark Primary School

Chij Katong Primary School

A range of schools from Royal Hallmark Condo

In fact, Royal Hallmark Condo is close to schools and also brings the same advantage as being close to MRTs. Within walking distance of the school, the parent does not over-worry about traveling from home to school. Furthermore, living close to a school gives you a great opportunity to connect with other parents and build a social circle when you first arrive in the city. Especially a home near a school may be easier to sell if you're planning on investing - especially if the school in question is highly rated.

Besides, Royal Hallmark is loved for its environment and surrounding. It offers a quiet and comfortable escape from the bustling city life, so it’s a perfect residential area for families to settle in.

Chung Cheng School near Royal Hallmark Condo

Chung Cheng Highschool

Royal Hallmark education

Kong Hwa School

Royal Hallmark Pre School

EIS International Pre-shool

Royal Hallmark  International School

Canadian International School

On the other hand, Royal Hallmark in district 15 has adopted a friendly environment for whole family practice, such as installing solar panels, renewable energy, infusing an academic environmental curriculum, and promoting environmental sustainability in the community.


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Discover amenities surrounding Royal Hallmark

Royal Hallmark District 15 is well known as packed with opportunities for exciting outdoor activities and a fresh atmosphere. East Coast Park is the biggest beach park in Singapore and there will be ideal destination for everyone to enjoy outside activities as jogging, cycling, canoeing, barbecuing, or relaxing at the beach. Some of the schools invest in green facilities such as eco-trails serve as outdoor classrooms, where students can learn from their close encounters with nature.

Nice weekend with your family energy activities. So why do you not yet choose a Royal Hallmark Condo to start a new living?

To catch up whole information about education systems nearby Royal Hallmark Condo, please take a view at Education for more details.


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